‘L’ultimo miracolo’ di Enrico Pau al Festival del Cinema di Venezia

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Tino Petilli ne ‘L’ultimo miracolo’ di Enrico Pau

Con molto piacere posso finalmente dire che il bellissimo ultimo lavoro di Enrico Pau dal titolo ‘L’ultimo miracolo’, di cui ho curato il mix e il sound design, sarà presentato a settembre in prima assoluta alla 74a Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica in programma a Venezia dal 30 agosto al 9 settembre prossimi come evento speciale della 32a Settimana Internazionale della Critica, sezione SIC@SIC – Short Italian Cinema. L’importante riconoscimento è stato annunciato oggi. Appena potrete, vi consiglio vivamente di andare a vedere questo lavoro, in cui tra l’altro recitano gli straordinari Tino Petilli e Mario Faticoni insieme a Francesco Origo, Massimiliano Medda, Alessio Medda e Luca Spanu, perchè è di una poesia infinita. Bravo Enrico e tutti gli altri che ci hanno lavorato, tra i quali i bravissimi Andrea Lotta al montaggio, Francesco Piras alla fotografia, Antioco Floris alla produzione e la giustamente immancabile Roberta Aloisio.

Per ulteriori informazioni sul lavoro, potete pure leggere qui.



Playing at the Piazza del Duomo in Monreale, Palermo.

Now that everything has happened and facts can be revealed, I am very happy to tell you that recently me and my ensemble (Sara Meloni at the violin, Giulia Dessy at the viola and Giada Vettori at the cello) have been asked by the stylists Dolce & Gabbana to play during their fashion show ‘Alta Sartoria Dolce & Gabbana 2017′ which took place in Palermo at Piazza del Duomo on july 8th. Playing while the models were cat walking all around us was wonderful and a bit challenging, as we had to be in perfect time with the end of the show. Anyway everything went smoothly and everyone, including the stylists, was very happy with the overall result and with how the music perfectly matched with the models’ cat walking. The atmosphere was very magical, indeed. You can see some snippets of us playing at the show here. And also, if you have a Facebook account, you can watch all the fashion show here.


Stefano Guzzetti Ensemble. Totally dressed in D&G before the show.

After the show we also had the pleasure to play at the after-dinner party at the Chiostro di Monreale, basically a few meters behind the place where the fashion show was held. On the day after, on july 9th, we also had the pleasure of playing at the final private party that took place at the Castello Lanza Branciforte di Trabia, near Palermo as well. A beautiful castle near the seaside, a magical place that was really the perfect match for something like that. Last but not least, during all the days we were there, we had the privilege of being filmed by the Oscar winning director Giuseppe Tornatore, who was there as he was commissioned shooting all the events in order to make a documentary out of the ‘Alta Sartoria Dolce & Gabbana 2017’. Needless to say, we can’t wait to watch it.


After our concert at the Castello Lanza Branciforte di Trabia.


Enjoying the party, because life is beautiful.

Interview on Fluid Audio and Home Normal


Photography. Fiorella Sanna

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ian Hawgood about my music, its creative process, some of my music gear, and other tons of things related to my microcosmos. It was a lovely chat and, at least, it brings an updated portray of what currently flows in my mind.

You can check this interview both on the Fluid Audio and the Home Normal websites.

I hope this could be a good read for you. Stefano.

New Video. Stefano Guzzetti and Lisa Gerrard. ‘Illuminate’

I am very happy to finally release the video of my collaboration with the worldwide acclaimed singer Lisa Gerrard. Needless to say, working with her has been a honour and a privilege. I hope you like the track and the video as well. It features the beautiful Laura Demontis and Lucia Meleddu, the script has been written by Francesco Accardo, the direction was by Alessandro Congiu, Massimo Gasole was the camera operator and we all have been assisted by the lovely Alice Deledda. Shooting the video was a real fun, and it was a sort of team work between friends. We did our best to make something valuable that also gives justice to Lisa’s wonderful voice. We hope we succeeded in this. I also would like to tell you that this song will be part of the deluxe vinyl edition of ‘Escape’, which will be released by the Brooklyn Bridge Records label this forthcoming september. The album will feature a wonderful sleeve design by Vaughan Oliver along with the beautiful artwork by Claudia Pomowski. A 12″ full of remixes will be available shortly after, so stay tuned. Stefano.



I am very happy to be part of this wonderful compilation for the Japanese market along such artists like Dustin O’Halloran, Ólafur Arnalds, Peter Broderick, A Winged Victory For The Sullen, Lubomyr Melnyk, Fabrizio Paterlini, Haruka Nakamura, The Boats, Goldmund and others.

Ending Music (july, 16th – p*dis / Lirico, CD and digital)
Purchase link: www.inpartmaint.com/site/20902

‘Alone’ reviewed on ‘A Closer Listen’


A lovely review of my last album has been recently published. It is written by Richard Allen of the beautiful ‘A Closer Listen’ magazine and it is a good and deep review of the tracks and the ‘Home’ video as well. I take the occasion to publicly thank the writer for taking his time and write such a deep description of my work. You can read the full review here.


Live at Q3ambientfest, Potsdam


I am very happy of being finally able to show you the concert I played about a month ago at the Q3ambientfest in Potsdam, Berlin. It has been such a pleasure of being part of this lovely festival along such artists like Martyn Heyne, Anne Müller, Sophie Hutchings, CEEYS, Kimbrae, John Metcalfe, Midori Hirano and many others.

My set, as the others, was about thirthy minutes long so, in case, take your time.

This is the tracklist of the concert:

• Home
• Grazia
• Welcome
• All our days
• You and the stars
• Saliva
• Pluvieux
• Escape
• Moonlit

You can watch the concert here.

Hope you enjoy