Pre-order. ‘Escape (music for a ballet)’


I am very happy to announce that my new album ‘Escape (music for a ballet)’ is out today as a preorder, and it will be released on friday october 21st. The physical version it’s a beautiful hand-made deluxe limited edition (200 copies) featuring: a glass master cd, three postcards, a four pages booklet, a download ticket to mp3s and additional contents. Everything is inside a hammered ivory cardboard folded cover which is bound by an external fascia / obi. All the package is then sealed in an original Japanese vinyl-replica-cd pvc bag. All printed images are in a superb glossy finish. This release features the artwork of the highly talented Mario Fois.

This is a Stella Recordings product.

If you are interested, you can give a listen to three tracks and pre-order the album here.
Thank you very much for your interest and kind support.






Thank you Dordrecht!

20160925 Juha! (2).jpg

On sunday 25th of september me and my Ensemble had the pleasure of playing our ‘Postcards’ live set at the Dordrechts Museum, in Netherlands. We really had a beautiful experience and the concert and the feeling with the audience were really lovely and deep. I also had the pleasure of having an interview with the lovely Esther de Beun of Drechtstad FM and, before and after the interview, we played ‘The road to you’ and ‘Womb’ for the radio show. Everything was flawlessly organised by the Fluister people, who kindly hosted all of us in their beautiful place. Beyond all the lovely people and places, beyond everything cool we lived there, what really conquered our hearts was this stunningly lovely kid called Juha. He has the best smile ever, and we really hope to meet him again very soon.

PS. a videoclip of the concert was shot during the performance, and it will be online very soon
PPS. you can listen to the radio interview on Drechtstad FM here (sorry for my English!)


20160925 Selfie with Juha (Stefano).JPG
20160925 Selfie with Juha (Simone 1).JPG
20160925 Selfie with Juha (Giulia 1).JPG
20160925 Selfie with Juha (Gianluca 2).JPG

Live in Dordrecht


I am very happy to announce that on sunday 25th of september I will play with the Ensemble at the Dordrecht Museum. I will have the pleasure to play with Simone Soro at the violin, Giulia Dessy at the viola and Gianluca Pischedda at the cello. The concert will mark the end of the beautiful exhibition ‘Glass Fever!’ (see here) and we’re quite excited to play in such a wonderful place. This concert has been possible thanks to the great work of the people at Fluister and at the Dordrechts Museum. This will probably be the last time we’ll play the ‘Ensemble’ program, after that we’ll stop for a while before starting to play a new program involving electronics… but this is just another story.

That said, if you’re near Dordrecht or around the Netherlands, and you like the idea of giving a listen while we play live, here is the link for the tickets (7,50 euro or 5,00 euro if you also buy the ticket for the ‘Glass Fever!’ exhibition).

‘Leaving’ on BBC Radio Ulster


I am very happy to announce that I’ve been featured on the last episode of Stephen McCauley’s ‘Soundscapes’ on BBC Radio Ulster. ‘Leaving’, a track from my forthcoming album ‘Escape (music for a ballet)’, which will be out in late october 2016, has been played as the opening track of the program.

It’s always lovely to start the program with something completely breathtaking.” (Stephen McCauley).

You can listen to ‘Leaving’, as well as to the rest of the program, here (please note this link will be active for a month).

You can also listen to a three-tracks preview of ‘Escape (music for a ballet)’ here.

The kiss. New single on 1631 recordings

Stefano Guzzetti. The kiss (1631 Recordings - 2016 july 1st) 600x600.jpg

I am very happy to announce my new single on the beautiful 1631 recordings label. This track, released on july 1st, is featured in the new ‘Piano Cloud Series – Volume two’ compilation along with other tracks by artists like Federico Albanese, Clem Leek, Mike Lazarev, Antonymes, Sophie Hutchings and many others. It also features a wonderful sleeve by the hugely talented Mattias Nilsson of Kning Disks.

You can listen to the track on all digital platforms and, of course, here.

London was great

Stefano Guzzetti @ London 2016 (52 von 57).jpg

Last saturday (5th of March) I had a really great time in London, playing with the string trio at the Church of St.Bethnal Green. I was totally amazed by the wonderful audience who listened in religious silence to our concert. I also had the privilege to have Danny Norbury at the cello, Patricia Ramirez Reinoso at the viola and Christoph Berg at the violin. Basically I had a sort of all-stars string trio, and the result was really evident. My concert was also anticipated by a beautiful set by Black Elk (Ian Hawgood and Danny Norbury) and by a mesmerising concert by Christoph Berg. A wonderful experience by all means, I hope to live it again in the near future. Below you can find some pictures of the event. Enjoy.

Stefano Guzzetti @ London 2016 (35 von 57).jpg

Stefano Guzzetti @ London 2016 (16 von 57).jpg

Stefano Guzzetti @ London 2016 (29 von 57).jpg

Stefano Guzzetti @ London 2016 (19 von 57).jpg

Stefano Guzzetti @ London 2016 (26 von 57).jpg

Stefano Guzzetti @ London 2016 (33 von 57).jpg

Stefano Guzzetti @ London 2016 (36 von 57).jpg

Stefano Guzzetti @ London 2016 (42 von 57).jpg

Stefano Guzzetti @ London 2016 (45 von 57).jpg

Stefano Guzzetti @ London 2016 (47 von 57).jpg